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We at Discount Computer Peripherals, Inc. sell hard drives but do not perform any data backup services or sell any software.
Therefore to help our customers needs we have scanned the Internet for the most valuable information on the types of data backup and selection of a data backup company or software. Note: we do not recommend any particular data backup company or software.

Click on, contact, and compare as many of the data backup companies or software advertised until you are comfortable with one particular company or software to perform your data backup.

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There are two types of data backup.
Bootable Image
The best way ( and unfortunately the most expensive way ) because you do not have to re-install all the software programs again. We use Norton Ghost, as an example ( $ 80-$100 retail), to backup all our office and personal computer hard drives. It makes a bootable image snapshot of the hard drive and can update the backup with additional incremental backup files as often as you like. Note: Some newer programs generate a software license "key" which changes if a backup image is restored - you simply contact the software manufacturer and they will tell you how to generate a new " key".
Selected files or directories
the cheapest way because you can back up to a flash USB drive or cheap external hard drive with no extra software to purchase. But this method can be very time consuming if the entire hard drive goes bad. You will have to reinstall the operating system and all the software programs again, and go through the operating system and individual programs updates which can take days.
Online Backup vendors
Easy, Automatic and Mobile Access make Online Backup a choice of many Business People and Frequent Travelers. This method uses the Selected Files or Directories " method of backing up. Compare several plans to find the one that best suits your needs and pricing.
You should always backup data to another hard drive or media, not to the same hard drive or media ! And always rotate the backup files so that you do not overwrite the most current backup. Keep at least the last 2 or 3 backup files in case 1 of the backups has a virus or is corrupted.
We backup our inventory and accounting software every Friday afternoon to a flash drive using the selected file method and perform an complete image backup to another hard drive every 1-3 months depending on how much new software we have installed or the amount of new data added..

How to recover your data if you have no backup ?
See our page on backing up data Please Click Here !!

Note: these are only some of the questions, answers and solutions possible for data recovery. We do not perform any data recovery and are not experts by any means on the subject. Please consult the wikipedia page Click Here. for more information before selecting a data backup company or software.