K L - 3 1 0 0       O C T A G O N   I I    KALOK

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                                                      Native|  Translation
Form                 3.5"/HH               Cylinders        |  979|     |
Capacity form/unform   105/  120 MB        Heads            |    6|     |
Seek time   / track  25.0/ 5.0 ms          Sector/track     |   35|     |
Controller           IDE / AT              Precompensation
Cache/Buffer            32 KB STATIC RAM   Landing Zone
Data transfer rate    1.250 MB/S int       Bytes/Sector      512
                            MB/S ext
Recording method     RLL 2/7                        operating  | non-operating
Supply voltage     5/12 V       Temperature *C        10 55    |    -40 60
Power: sleep              W     Humidity     %         8 80    |      5 90
       standby            W     Altitude    km    -0.305  3.048| -0.305  9.000
       idle           8.2 W     Shock        g         8       |     40
       seek          10.4 W     Rotation   RPM      3662
       read/write         W     Acoustic   dBA        40
       spin-up            W     ECC        Bit
                                MTBF         h     100000
                                Warranty Month
Lift/Lock/Park     YES          Certificates

                        L   A   Y   O   U   T
KALOK    KL3100  OEM MANUAL VER. 2.0, 16/JULY/1991 P/N 86009-001 A

  +---------------------------------------------------------+  12V
  |                                                         |XXGND
  |                                                   Power |XXGND
  |                                                         |   5V
  |                                                         |1X
  |                                                         |XX I
  |                                                         |XX N
  |                                                         |XX T
  |                                                         |XX E
  |                                                         |X* R
  |                                                         |XX F
  |                                                         |XX A
  |                                                         |XX C
  |                                                         |XX E
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |+-+
  |                                                   Jumper|| |
  |                                                         || |M/S


                      J   U   M   P   E   R   S
KALOK    KL3100  OEM MANUAL VER. 2.0, 16/JULY/1991 P/N 86009-001A

 Jumper Setting

      GND            40 Pin IDE Connector
 12VDC |  5VDC                |                            M/S
    | +++ | +-----------------+-------------------+       +-+-+
   |Power  |O O O O O O O O O   O O O O O O O O O O   O O O O O|
   |O O O O|1 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O   O O O O O|
                          Single Drive in a System       O O O |M/S
                          (Factory Setting)            O O xxx |

                          Master Drive in a two          X O O |M/S
                          drive system                 O X O O |

                          Slave Drive in a two           O X O |M/S
                          drive system                 O O X O |

 Two drive system: Drive 1 must be MASTER
                   Drive 2 must be SLAVE

 Master/Slave Daisy-Chain Configuration
 The KL3100 disk drive ships with one jumper installed in the jumper
 block header. The jumper is across the top outside pins. This jumper
 selects a single drive installation. The single drive is Drive 0
 (Fixed disk 1 in the system BIOS setup or C:). For a single AT/IDE
 hard disk drive installation, leave the jumper in the header across
 these pins. All jumpers removed also works for a single drive

 For a dual drive daisy-chain installation, the master drive is Drive
 0 (fixed disk 1 in BIOS setup or C:). The master drive must have pin
 pair Master of the jumper block header jumpered. The slave drive is
 Drive 1 (fixed disk 2 in BIOS setup or D:). The slave must have pin
 pair Slave of jumper block jumpered. Install no other jumpers in
 jumper block on the KL3100 disk drive. There should be only one
 jumper installed per drive. Some mixed vendor master/slave sual drive
 configurations may not be compatible.


                      I   N   S   T   A   L   L
KALOK    KL3100  OEM MANUAL VER. 2.0, 16/JULY/1991 P/N 86009-001 A

 Notes On Installation

 Drive and Host Adapter Installation
 This chapter provides configuration and installation instructions for
 the Kalok KL3100/AT hard disk drive. Before installing the hard disk,
 you must first disconnect your AT computer system from AC power out-

 Required Disk Subsystem Parts
 1. Kalok KL3100/AT hard disk drive     P/N 73003-001
 2. Kalok 5.25" mounting brackets       P/N 83003-001 (black)
    and faceplate                       P/N 83003-002 (grey)
 3. Kalok 3.5" faceplate                P/N 83001-001 (black)
                                        P/N 83001-002 (grey)
 4. 40-pin AT/IDE hard disk cable       Supplied with the Host adapter
 5. 34-pin floppy disk drive cable      Supplied with the Host adapter
 6. Not supplied with Kalok mounting kits, are four standard 6-32

 The KL3100 needs the 6-32 screws to mount the drive. The drive mounts
 with the threaded holes on the bottom or sides. If needed, the AT-
 style sidemount rails attach to the Kalok 5.25" mounting brackets.
 Select screw lengths that limit screw penetration into the mounting
 brackets to 0.13 inches (3.3 mm) max.

 1. In many new AT system cases, 3.5" internal mounting options are
    available. Some AT cases designs, need AT-style side-mount rails.
 2. Embedded AT/IDE systems don't need the PC/AT host adapters. Non-
    embedded AT/IDE systems need a host adapter.

 Required Host adapter formatting/Partitioning Software
 1. To format and partition the disk, you need a bootable DOS diskette
    version 3.31 or higher. You also need the DOS utilities FDISK and
    FORMAT programs, in the same DOS version.

 Interface Connector Part Numbers
 P1: AT/IDE Task File (40-pin)    Molex 40312 or 3M 3417
 P2: Power Supply (4-pin)         Molex 8981-4P housing
                                  Molex 8980-3 contacts
                                  AMP 1-480424-0 housing
                                  AMP 60617 contacts
 P8: Drive HDA ground (1-pin)     Molex 187 quick disconnect
                                  AMP 62137 quick disconnect

 Install a Plug to pin 20 on P1. This will prevent an incorrect
 connection of J1 and P1. Removal of pin 20 of J1 is an industry
 standard from.

 AT/IDE Cable Connections
 Cable connections between the host adapter or the host system should
 use 28 AWG stranded flat cable, 3M 3365-40, or equivalent. The cable
 length should not exceed 2 feet.


                      F   E   A   T   U   R   E  S
KALOK    KL3100  OEM MANUAL VER. 2, 16/JULY/1991 P/N 86009-001 A

 General Description
 The KL3100 Winchester disk drive is a storage device for a computer
 system with the industry standard PC/AT or AT/IDE interface.

 The KL3100 has a formatted capacity of 105.2 megabytes. It uses a
 rotary band positioner driven by a bipolar stepper motor. The stepper
 has microstepping error recovery and a feedback sensor. The disk
 drive operates under the control of a microprocessor to position the
 read/write heads. The head positioning mechanism design assures that
 the thermal loops of the positioning system oppose each other. This
 results in extremely accurate head positioning over the entire
 operating range.

 The KL3100 has a magnetic fluid seal. This eliminates spindle motor
 bearing contamination. The recirculating filter at the periphery of
 the disks efficiently cleans the head/disk assembly (HDA) air. The
 filter traps entrained particles.

 Seek Time
       |                                  | 3012   |
       |Track-to-Track         msec. typ. |   5    |
       |One-Third Stroke       msec.      |  25    |
       |True average seek      msec.      |  25    |
       |Full stroke seek       msec.      |  50    |
       |Latency                msec. avg. |   8.19 |

 Drive Formatting
 The KL3100 is factory formatted. The KL3100/AT drive uses cylinder/
 head skewing to improve data throughput performance. The format and
 skewing features of the drive are transparent to the user. Altering
 the Format during use is not possible.

 Remove the Yellow shipping tape from the drive before you apply