M 2 0 1 2    MINISCRIBE

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                                                      Native|  Translation
Form                 5.25"/FH              Cylinders     306|     |     |
Capacity form/unform    11/   13 MB        Heads           4|     |     |
Seek time   / track  93.0/     ms          Sector/track   17|     |     |
Controller           MFM / ST412           Precompensation   128
Cache/Buffer               KB              Landing Zone      305
Data transfer rate    0.625 MB/S int       Bytes/Sector      512
                      0.625 MB/S ext
Recording method     MFM                            operating  | non-operating
Supply voltage     5/12 V       Temperature *C         4 46    |    -40 57
Power: sleep              W     Humidity     %         8 80    |      8 80
       standby            W     Altitude    km                 |
       idle               W     Shock        g                 |
       seek          23.0 W     Rotation   RPM      3600
       read/write         W     Acoustic   dBA
       spin-up            W     ECC        Bit
                                MTBF         h       8000
                                Warranty Month
Lift/Lock/Park     NO           Certificates                                  

                        L   A   Y   O   U   T
MINISC.  2006/2012/4010/4020  PRODUCT MANUAL P/N 1000 REV. B

  |                                                         |XX Power
  |                                                         |XX J3
  |                                                         |
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |XX J2
  |                                  Shunt--+ Terminator-+  |XX
  |                                      |  |          | |  | 2
  |                                      |  |          | |  |
  |                                      |  |          | |  |
  |                                      +--1          +-1  |XX
  |                                                         |XX J1
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |XX
  |                                                         |XX2


                      J   U   M   P   E   R   S
MINISC.  2006/2012/4010/4020  PRODUCT MANUAL P/N 1000 REV. B

 Jumper setting

 Customer optional features are implemented via a shunt block on the
 Printed Circuit Card.

                  SHUNT BLOCK
                 | 1     16 | Radial
                 | 2     15 |
                 | 3     14 | Factory Set
                 | 4     13 | Factory Set
                 | 5     12 | Drive Select 4
                 | 6     11 | Drive Select 3
                 | 7     10 | Drive Select 2
                 | 8      9 | Drive Select 1

 Drive Select
 As shipped, the 16-pin shunt block has all pin pairs shorted with
 the "Radial" option selected.

                   Drive select number
 Pin    Pair       1      2      3      4
  8   -   9        CLOSED OPEN   OPEN   OPEN
  7   -  10        OPEN   CLOSED OPEN   OPEN
  6   -  11        OPEN   OPEN   CLOSED OPEN
  5   -  12        OPEN   OPEN   OPEN   CLOSED
  1   -  16        OPEN   OPEN   OPEN   OPEN

 Radial Option
 As shipped, the 16-pin shunt block has pin pair 1/16 shorted result-
 ing in a radial operation. In this case, all input and output signals
 are enabled, even if the drive is not selected. However, the front
 panel LED will not be on. -DRIVE SELECT must be active to light the
 LED. When pin pair 1/16 is open the drive is in a daisy chain mode
 where input and output signals are enabled when the appropriatte
 -DRIVE SELECT line is activated.

 Drive Exercise Option
 As shipped, the 16-pin shunt block has pin pair 2/15 shorted. This
 shunt is used to initiate drive exercice routines.

 The microprocessor performs a series of "wake uo" diagnostics upon
 application of power. If an error is detected, the processor
 will flash an warning by blinking the Activity LED. Some errors are
 fatal in that they do not return to the program until power is

 If no errors are detected, the processor test the shunt block to
 determine the state of pin pair 2/15 (drive exercise option).

 If pin pair 2/15 is shorted, the drive will become ready. During
 normal operation, the drive will continue to monitor some functions
 such as soin speed and indicate an error if it occurs.

 If pin pair 2/15 is open, the drive will enter the exerciser routine.
 Having checked the stepper motor phasing during diagnostics, the
 processor will flash the proper phasing via the Activity LED. This
 code flashing sequence is repeated two times.

 The drive then does a seek to the shipping zone and turns the LED on
 solid. The heads will remain at the shipping zone for 5 seconds
 during which time the drive can be powered down for shipment. At the
 end of the 5 second period the drive will initiate an actuator
 exercise routine which does a random seek for approximately 5 days.

 Track Zero Phasing
 Pin pair 3/14 and 4/13 are set at the factory and should not require
 changing. They establish information about the track zero sensor and
 stepper motor phasing relationsship.


                      I   N   S   T   A   L   L
MINISC.  2006/2012/4010/4020  PRODUCT MANUAL P/N 1000 REV. B

 Installation routines

 The drive should be mounted to the customer frame through the
 mechanically isolated mounting points on the bottom or sides of the
 drive using 6-32 machine screws, 1/4 inch maximum penetration. The
 customer should allow adequate ventilation to the drive to insure
 reliable drive operation over the operating temperature range.

 Mechanically isolated mounting points
 Four side mounting and four base mounting points are provided to the
 customer. Each mounting point is mechanically isolated from the

 Arrach interface cables with connectors P1, P2, P3 and P4 to to J1,
 J2, J3 and J4 respectively. If multiple drives are to be inter-
 connected, remove the terminator packs in all but the last drive of
 the daisy chain.

 Each drive is shipped with a terminator pack providing the 220/330
 ohm termination for the Controller Input Signals. If multiple drives
 are configured in a daisy chain configuration, the terminator pack
 must be removed from all drives except the last unit on the daisy

 J1/P1 Control Signal Connector
 Connection to J1 is through a 34 pin PCB edge connector. The pins are
 numbered 1 through 34 with the even pins located on the component
 side of the Printed Circuit Card. A key slot is provided between pins
 4 and 6.

 The recommended mating connector (P1) is AMP Ribbon Connector P/N

 J2/P2 Data Signals Connector
 Connection to J2 is through a 20 pin edge connector. The pins are
 numbered 1 through 20 with the even pins located on the component
 side of the Printed Circuit Card. A key slot is provided between pins
 4 and 6.

 The recommended mating connector (P2) is AMP Ribbon Connector
 P/N 88373-6.

 P3 DC Power Connector
 DC power connector (J3) is a 4 pin AMP Mate-N-Lok Connector P/N
 350211-1 mounted in a cable extended 4 inches from the drive.

 The recommended mating connector (P3) is AMP P/N 1-480424-0 utilizing
 AMP pins P/N 350078-4.

       | 4  3  2  1 |

 J4/P4 Frame Ground Connector
 Fasten AMP P/N 61761-2.

 Recommended mating connector is AMP P/N 62187-1.

 If used, the hole in J4 will accommodate a wire size of 18 AWG max.

 Electrical Interface
 The interface to any MiniScribe II and IV can be divided into three
 categories each of which is physically separated: Control Signals,
 Data Signals and DC Power.

 All control Signals are digital in nature (open collector TTL), and
 either provide signals to the drive (input) or signals to the
 collector (output). The Data Signals are differential in nature and
 provide data either to (write) or from (read) the drive.

 The interconnect cable between the drive and controller may be
 flat ribbon or twisted pairs of a length not to exceed 20 feet. The
 signal return lines and ground lines for J1 and J2 should be
 grounded at the controller.

 The voltage return lines of J3 should only be grounded at the power

 Connector J4/P4 is a spade lug connector tied to frame ground.
 For optimum immunity to electro-magnetic interference and electro-
 static discharge, the spade lug connector should not be tied to
 system ground.


                      F   E   A   T   U   R   E  S
MINISC.  2006/2012/4010/4020  PRODUCT MANUAL P/N 1000 REV. B

 The Miniscribe II and IV are random access 5 1/4 inch rigid media
 disk drives employing Winchester technology. All models utilize
 rack-and-pinion actuators, microprocessor control, and open loop
 stepper head positioning. Unformatted capacity ranges from 6.4 MBytes
 to 20 MBytes, depending on the number of heads, disks, and tracks per

 All models feature power up diagnostics, head shipping zone, buffered
 seek, and 5 MBit transfer rate. DC voltages and physical form factor
 are the same as the 5-1/4 inch floppy drives.

 Seek time
                             |MiniScribe II |MiniScribe IV
 Single Track                |   3 ms       |    3 ms
 Average*                    |  93 ms       |  133 ms
 Maximum*                    | 229 ms       |  349 ms
 Average Latency             |   8.33 ms    |    8.33 ms
 *Buffered including settling time

 Reliability and Maintenance
 MTBF                     8,000 hours (continuous operation)
 MTBF (Typical Usage)    10,000 hours
 MTTR                     30 minutes
 Preventive Maintenance   None required
 Component Design Life    5 years

 Media Defects Criteria
 Media defects as shipped from MiniScribe:

 Model 2006 and 4010       10 defects maximum <2 bytes in length

 Model 2012 and 4020       20 defects maximum <2 bytes in length

 Cylinder 000 defect free.

 Drive Mechanism
 A brushless DC direct drive motor rotates the spindle a 3600 rpm.
 The motor/spindle assembly is dynamically balanced to provide minimal
 mechanical runout to the disks. A dynamic brake is used to provide a
 fast stop to the spindle motor when power is removed.

 Air Filtration System
 Within the sealed enclosure, a 0.3 micron filter coupled with a
 breather filter provides over the drive life a clean, equalized
 above atmoshperic pressure environment to the heads and disks.

 Head Positioning Mechanism
 Two or four read/write heads are supported by a carriage mechanism
 coupled to the stepper motor through a rack-and-pinion motion
 translator. The rack-and-pinion translator allows for the increased
 number of data tracks while retaining the full step holding torque
 and positioning repeatability characteristics of the stepper motor.

 Track 000 Detector
 The Track Zero Detector resides within the sealed enclosure. This
 optical sensor consist of a light source (activated only when a seek
 is initiated) and a receiver which when blocked by the positioner
 assembly indicates the logical/physical track 000.